Dr. Fr. R. Kreutzwald Memorial Museum

The museum is situated in Fr. R. Kreutzwald's household where he lived with his family in 1833-1877, while working as a Võru city doctor. In 1881-1890 and 1899-1900 Võru's first Estonian Society, called Kannel (a zither-type musical instrument), and operated on the premises. Later the house underwent thorough restoration and the museum was opened here on the 28th of June, 1941. Towards the end of the war, on the 12th of November, 1944, the museum was reopened. The restored memorial museum complex consists of six buildings, a spacious yard and a beautiful garden.
The museum, through its emotional exposition and 19th century interiors, presents the life and work of Fr. R. Kreutzwald (1803-1882), the creator of the Kalevipoeg epic. The house where Kreutzwald lived contains the perfect interior exposition "Doctor's and writer's apartment in 1860s and 1870s". In the neighboring building one can get a detailed overview of the Father of Song's life and creative work. The storehouse has on display translations and reprints of Fr. R. Kreutzwald's writings. In the coach-house are splendid 19th century vehicles.
Open: Wed-Sun 11-18  
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Source: Visit Võru