Kuningatalu Holiday Home offers accommodation for 54 people + 50 persons at Haanja Holiday Home (located in Haanja, Võru county). We offer the following services and accommodation options:

King House
King House has 5 rooms for 14 persons: 3 rooms have double beds, one of those rooms has an additional 2 beds, 2 rooms have 3 beds.
There is a big dinner hall with fireplace for 30 persons, 4 showers, a kitchen and a sauna. The kitchen is well equipped.
Price: € 220.- with sauna € 250.-
Catering price per person starts from € 16.-

Regular 3xmeals per day for training camps is 12eur per person.

The Log-house

3 rooms for 14 persons: 2 rooms have double beds, the rest are single beds. There is a sofa, TV, CD player, dinner hall with fireplace, 1 shower, sauna, 2 toilets, and kitchen with equipment.
The grill-house outside the log-house is perfect for celebrations (max. 50 persons).
Price: € 190.- for 10 persons; € 220.- for 15 persons.
Catering price per person starting from € 16.-.


The Guesthouse
This house has 2 rooms for 6 persons: one room has 2 single beds and a sofa; the second room has 1 double bed and one single bed. There is a fireplace, door to a veranda, 1 shower, 2 toilets, and kitchen with equipment.
Price: € 18.- per person.

The Small House
This house has 2 rooms for 4 persons: 1 double bed, 1 single bed and 1 sofa.
A TV and washing facilities are in the next house.
Price: € 15.- per person. The small house can be used only during the summer season.

Soccer, trampoline, children’s playground, bikes for rent, basketball,. Possibility to take a trip on the Võhandu river. Haanja pistes are a 20-minute drive away.


Sauna price starting from € 32.- per hour.


Haanja Holiday Home (located in Haanja, Võru county)
In Haanja centrum, suitable for athletes, especially in the winter season. House for 55 persons. 4 aunas, 3 separated kitchens with equipment. Grocery store in the same building.
Price: € 18 per person. Group prices starting 15eur per person with sauna.
3xmeal per day 12 eur.


Haanja Holiday Home has a hall for celebrating birthdays, weddings and other events. The hall is meant for up to 120 persons. Chef Kersti will offer you a menu of homemade dishes. Hall booking by phone: +372 53022911. On request we can provide music and a band. Renting the hall for up to 50 persons is € 150.-, up to 100 persons is € 320.-.

Haanja sauna
Big sauna for 20 persons.

Haanja ski care room


Behind the house are the Haanja pistes. You can view the local weather from here.

In the middle of the photo you can see a roof with a red frame. That is Haanja Holiday Home. In the top left corner you can see Suur Munamägi, the highest point in Estonia.